A downloadable game for Windows

A narrative platformer made in a week for Community Game Jam 2019

Imagine if you entered a beatiful game world, but something felt really off about it. Odd glitches, flashing lights. Is this world what it looks like? You didn't know what to think about it, until you found out that...

Warning - this game contains flashing lights.


Movement - WASD (Right Stick for controller)

Jump - Space (Y for controller)

Dialogue - Left Ctrl or Right Mouse Button (X for controller)


Music in Level 4: by Whitesand - Fireflies, https://bit.ly/2C8bMnq (Original song), https://bit.ly/2eXakbC (Youtube).

Install instructions

Launch "ThisWorldsEnd.exe" inside of "ThisWorldsEnd" folder


This World's End (Windows) 44 MB


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Can you please make a Mac build

Hello, doesn't the latest build work on Mac?

You only have one file (for each build) and it's for Windows.

You have to manually switch export setting to Mac and build for Mac separately.

The game's now updated with a mac build :)

Thanks! Just played it.

You most likely used old Unity input system. Just letting you know it's gamepad support is screwed up on Mac. You need to learn the new input system for better gamepad support (although some people with our game reported broken gamepad as well, but it worked for the majority:)

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm sorry for the messed up input. I don't have a Mac device so I can't test if it runs properly, I'll try to fix it :)


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!